Steve-O here.  I work with solopreneurs who want to create prosperity from home and are looking to know more about online tools that can be used to launch a marketing machine for their business.  Today I am giving you a quick tutorial and step by step guide on 5 Steps to integrate ManyChat Messenger Bot on your Facebook Page.

Having been in sales for 5 years previously, I have recently started marketing my own home-based business and I am excited to share my automation so you can set yourself up also and take advantage of these tools. 

But, first let’s answer the question.  Why are Messenger Bots an important tool?

As I said above, I’m a big fan of marketing automation and chatbots are an incredible new tool for creating conversations with potential clients. Facebook realizing this, quickly allowed developers to integrate with their messenger platform. I did a google search and there are over 1 billion users on messenger! So it’s easy to see why bots can rank up your prospecting efforts.

-It’s a fresh engagement strategy.

– It’s natural for your prospect to communicate over text.

– It gives your prospects the option to decide to get access to more or less through a non-intrusive conversation. 

While Messenger Bots are probably not a single marketing solution it is a power tool for your marketing arsenal.  

5 Steps to integrate ManyChat Messenger Bot on your Facebook Page:

1. Set up a Learn more button on the front of your Facebook page.  

This is where your integration with ManyChat will occur in a few minutes. 

2. Login to ManyChat and create your flow.  

When you login to Manychat on the left-hand side you will want to go into Growth Tools.  To create a new growth tool, click the button in the upper right-hand corner. From there choose your menu options.  With Manychat it is simple to create your own flow. There are templates that you can use.  I used a welcome messenger bot template.  As soon as I downloaded it there was a prompt for me easily edit it for my own use. 

3. Get your Ref Link.

From the setup area you can find and copy your link.  This link will be what you use on Facebook.  This link can be also kept on hand and be used to give to your prospects when you are out and about. It will take them through your conversational pipeline on Facebook.

4. Preview and Activate Your Growth Tool.

You can preview your ManyChat Messenger Bot customized flow from the top right-hand side.  Be sure to click publish so that you are saving your work.  Another important note: You MUST activate your rev tool by toggling over the button on the upper right that takes it from being a draft to activating.

5. Edit your Learn More button on your Facebook Page.

By hovering over your Learn More button you can click on the small pencil and edit to link the button with your ManyChat ref link.   This is the link you copied from step number 3.  You will paste this into the website link area.

You can watch the video above to see me test out my personal Many Chat automation and go through each of these steps.

I would also love to send a swipe copy to you of my flow which you can take and follow step by step.  As part of my ManyChat automation, I have created for you a checklist that you can access by clicking the Learn More button on my facebook page.  Not only will you see the flow I use but you will be able to access this checklist. This will walk you through the step by step process that you can follow to learn how to integrate ManyChat Messenger Bot on your Facebook Page.

Hopefully, this tutorial giving you 5 Steps to integrate ManyChat Messenger Bot on your Facebook Page has taken some of the mystery out of messenger bots and given you a clear understanding of how you can utilize them and automate them as a powerful tool in your business.  What is your favorite automation tool?  Share it with me!

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